Lying off the northwest coast of Canada is an archipelago teetering on the Pacific's continental shelf. Known as Haida Gwaii, it is the land of the Haida Nation.

Skidegate Inlet divides the two main islands of Graham and Moresby. Nestled on the southern shore of Graham Island, to the east of the peaks of Sleeping Beauty and Slatechuck (Tllgaduu) mountains, is the Village of Queen Charlotte. Scattered throughout the inlet are smaller islands, bays, coves and shingle beaches giving the area a mystique of wonder - the perfect place for exploring by boat.

Skidegate Village to the east is a First Nations Reserve and boasts a museum, conference hall, gift shop, carving shed, orientation rooms and bistro under a row of longhouses called the Haida Heritage Center.

Traveling south requires navigating out and around the Sandspit sandbar and down Hecate Strait, to begin a journey of amazement to Laskeek Bay and Rose Harbour. Myriad timbered islands surrounded with inlets, open sounds, channels, straits and rocks lie scattered throughout the southern area of Haida Gwaii.

Various species of sea life abound throughout the waters of Haida Gwaii and  within the shores and on the seabed. Many species of seabirds live or migrate here as well as marine mammals and fish. Yearly migrations of grey whales, humpbacks, orca and dolphin travel through these waters giving outstanding performances, and seals and sea lions feed in these waters on fish and octopus.

Rose Harbour, located on the north side of Kunghit Island in Houston Stewart Channel, is the only privately owned property in the park. It was once the site of the Rose Harbour Whaling Company and is now occupied by a few local islanders.

Haida Gwaii is a life changing experience.


 Sail the Silhouette

We offer a variety of destinations and areas for cruising. From hourly day and overnight sails in Skidegate Inlet to overnight excursions on both  the East and West coasts of Moresby Island, take your pick of suggested destinations.

We suggest you book your travel times to arrive one day ahead of your charter to allow for sightseeing and purchase of provisions, and allow an extra day after your charter end date to be sure you make your plane or ferry departure on time. Accommodation is provided for the extra nights.


To keep our trips affordable guests must bring their own provisions on board, help prepare meals and maintain cleanliness of the vessel. Bring aboard your own sleeping bag and necessary gear including weather and activity appropriate attire, such as rain gear and rubber boots as well as sturdy shoes. 

All necessary safety gear and PFD's are supplied on board.

There is a grocery store in Queen Charlotte, as well as a clothing store. Should you need specialty foods, an organic shop is located on the shore; bring any special supplies such as dietary foods.

See the Love Haida Gwaii website for a full list of Haida Gwaii shops and services:

If fishing is a desire some fishing gear is available onboard, or guests are invited to bring their own. A valid tidal waters sport fishing licence is required.

 Your Skipper

Lon Vasilinda has over 10 years and more than 1000 hours of sea time on board the vessel “Silhouette," Having brought her from Seattle in Puget Sound, up the British Columbia coast and across to Haida Gwaii.

Possessing a Master, Limited certificate, Lon will ensure your experience on our vessel is safe and enjoyable. And, having lived and traveled many years through the area available to you on your cruise he has a wealth of stories, anecdotes and details of the history of the area. He will make your charter memorable.



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